When taking an aircraft out of active service with the aim of re-introducing it with a new operator, aircraft owners and leasing companies will try to minimize down-time. Aircraft configuration, maintenance status and individual requirements are of great influence to the duration of the transfer period. In an arena where not all elements are easily available or easily influenced FLYFokker Take Next steps in to help. A reliant business partner with extensive experience willing to go that extra mile to ensure a successful transition period can make all the difference.

Preparing for re-introduction
The Take Next Support Solution accelerates the phase-out to re-introduction period. This service offers leasing companies and aircraft owners a lean, mean solution to prepare the aircraft for the next operator. Reducing costs, not only as a result of shortening the transition phase, but also by offering a transparent and predictable working package tailored to suit your needs.
A partnership with Fokker Services transfers responsibility from the point of phase-out until its re-introduction to the new operator. Alongside (de)registration and documentation, the following services are available once the aircraft have been successfully phased out:

- Storage advice and storage location
- An aircraft status Health Check, offering a status report and recommendations on the re-marketability of the aircraft considering configuration, SB’s & Modifications and the maintenance status of the aircraft
- Inventory analysis and evaluation

When looking to re-introduce aircraft, Fokker Services can offer to support:
- Remarketing activities. Providing market knowledge, marketing ads or seeking leads for future potential operators
- Reactivation services
- AMRO activities such as: overhaul, modifications, interior refurbishments, conversions or painting.
- Ferry flight services

This process can be managed and completed within six weeks of the last flight hour flown with the previous operator.