Unique Fokker Aircraft

Fokker aircraft have a worldwide reputation for it’s exceptional performance into high frequency airliners, their quietness and spacious cabin combined with large layout flexibility.

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The unique situation has occurred that there will be Fokker aircraft available in the market to start flying with and earn revenues. This is your chance to step in. Fokker regional aircraft are most competitive in terms of Total Cost of Ownership, DOC and TDR. Fokker Services, together with the FLYFokker partners, will support your business by offering a complete range of integrated services aimed at lower cost and higher utilization. You can't get a better deal than this.

The Fokker aircraft have proven themselves over many flight cycles under various flight conditions. However, who else than the operators of the Fokker aircraft themselves can indicate in what way the Fokker aircraft have helped them establish a cost-effective operation. Therefore, please have a look at our customer testimonials.

We invite you to explore the unique features of the Fokker aircraft and determine how the profitability of your business plan could positively benefit from flying Fokker aircraft.