Privacy Statement and Use of Cookies

This website is made and maintained to be an information platform that helps us, Fokker Technologies and its subsidiaries, to offer the best service to our visitors. The sole purpose of the site is to inform about Fokker Technologies and its capabilities. To offer the best service, we want our visitors to feel secure when browsing. Fokker Technologies values your privacy and is committed to maintain this security.

What information do we collect on the website?
Fokker Technologies values your privacy and therefore actively tries to minimize the amount of information that we collect. The only way of collecting information on this website is through the use of cookies. Cookies are small files of information which save and retrieve information about your visit to this website. This is merely done to research how our visitors use our website, how you entered the site, how you navigated through it and what information you were interested in. This research is done to improve the website. We do not collect information for any commercial purposes.

Ehh, Cookies?
Cookies are pieces of information generated by a web server and stored on the visitor's computer, ready for future access. These cookies flow back and forth between the user's computer and the servers. Almost all websites use cookies. For example; the virtual shopping basket you carry around in an online store is just a small cookie on your computer that helps the website memorize what you have put in your basket.
Cookies can be used for tracking your internet usage and to remember your preferences and search commands. Some websites use this information to display customer specific advertisement or sell the information to third parties that can also display to you specific advertisement.
To learn more on cookies please visit Cookie Central.

Why do we collect cookies?
The only tracking cookies used on the websites of Fokker Technologies are of Google Analytics Software. This software system collects information about how visitors use our site, which site the visitor came from, the number of visits and how long a visitor stays on the site. This information does not record the individual user’s specific details nor does it identify users. We have a so called Data Processing Agreement with Google to track how visitors use our website. The information collected is made anonymous by masking the last three digits (octet) of a visitor's IP-address.

What do we do with this?
The only purpose of this collection of information is to help us improve our website. If we see that some of the pages are rarely visited, we try to improve the layout and make sure our visitors can easily find all they need to know. This is not done at an individual level, but throughout all our visitors combined and used to create web statistics usage at aggregated level.

Do we share this information with third parties?
To put it simple: no, we do not share the information with Google nor others. Google itself is NOT allowed to use this information for Google's services. The only party that has access to this web analytics information related to the usage of our site is Fokker Technologies.